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Adverse Rights

This policy is also known as: ‘Obstruction of Rights’, ‘Unknown Rights’, ‘Unknown Easements’, ‘Enforcement of Rights’ or ‘Third Party Rights’

The Adverse Rights legal indemnity insurance policy provides cover when the title deeds or Land Registry entries indicate that a property, being used for residential and/or commercial purposes based within England and Wales, is subject to rights in favour of other people (e.g. rights of way or rights to excavate for minerals or to take produce) but those rights are neither visible nor known to have been exercised. The rights should not have been granted less than 20 years ago or be contained in a licence agreement or lease. During the last 12 months, the property must have remained occupied and not have been altered or extended.

For full terms, please see the Policy.

  • Premiums from £115.00 incl. IPT
  • ‘Instant’ cover for residential and commercial properties
  • This policy will run in perpetuity
  • Up to £3m limit of indemnity
  • Comprehensive cover including automatic 5% inflation clause per annum for 10 years
  • Electronic policies
  • Monthly statement and numerous payment options
  • LOI can be increased at any point using our top-up policy
  • BACS and cheques accepted

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