Legal Indemnity Insurance for Residential & Commercial Properties


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Our Individual Account allows you to save quotes and issue policies as and when you like. Policies are issued immediately, without the need for referral. You have the option to be added to a group and/or become a Group Account Administrator at a later stage if you wish.

Our Group Account permits you to add people from your firm/branch to your group. The main difference is that you can add/remove people, view all saved quotes and issued policies by people in the group, receive group statements for all members within the group, and (with permission), issue policies on behalf of other people in your firm/branch.

Individual Account

  • Issue policies
  • Save quotes
  • Store all policy documentation
  • Issuing policy duplicates whenever needed

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Group Account

  • View quotes and orders of group members
  • Add new user accounts
  • View and export all information
  • Issue policies if you're authorised to do so

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