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Contingent Buildings

This policy is also known as: ‘Defective Lease – Insurance Provisions’

The Contingent Buildings Insurance legal indemnity policy provides cover when any part of the building of which the flat forms part is damaged by a type of event against which the flat or the building was insured at the policy’s commencement date, but

  • the landlord, managing agent, residents association or another lessee has failed to insure entirely or for an adequate amount
  • reinstatement of the building is frustrated by planning controls or the lease does not oblige the landlord to reinstate
  • the lease could be determined in the event of major damage
  • the landlord keeps the proceeds of the insurance without reinstating
  • the insurance arranged by the landlord, managing agent or residents association proves invalid as a result of the act of third parties.
The property must be based within England and Wales.

For full terms, please see the Policy.

  • Premiums from £140.00 incl. IPT
  • ‘Instant’ cover for residential properties
  • Up to £1m limit of indemnity
  • Comprehensive cover including automatic 5% inflation clause per annum for 10 years
  • Electronic policies
  • Monthly statement and numerous payment options
  • LOI can be increased at any point using our top-up policy
  • BACS and cheques accepted

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